Jasper in Thailand

My name is Jasper, currently I am a fourth year Bachelor of Business Administration student at Avans University of Applied Sciences.

In the first two semesters of my fourth year I had the opportunity to follow a minor. From the moment I started my education I knew I wanted to spend a semester abroad, either with an internship or studying at a foreign university.

When the time came to chose my minor, I started orientating what the possibilities were that Avans University provided regarding studying abroad. The overseas Universities that were offered by Avans were mostly located within Europe and offered study places for a limited amount of students. I preferred to study at a University somewhere in Asia, so at this point I decided to start orientating what the possibilities were if I wanted to follow an overseas minor as a ‘free-mover’, which means I would have to find a University on my own.

When I was searching on the internet for information about studying abroad as a free-mover, I found the website of Study-Globe, an organization that is specialized in informing students about the possibilities regarding studying abroad. I decided to contact Study-Globe to make an appointment to receive the information I was searching for.  During the conversation I had with a specialist I received professional advice about studying abroad in general, and in which way Study-Globe would be able to help me with finding an international university overseas.

After deciding that I would like to study at a University in either Korea, Thailand or Indonesia, I received information about three universities in these countries. The study advisor was able to provide me with all the information I needed to make a well-thought-decision. 

After discussing a university located in Thailand, I decided to follow the minor Asian Business Management at Rangsit University, located near Bangkok.

At the moment of writing this, I am already studying for 3 months at Rangsit University. Until now it has been an amazing experience. From Monday till Wednesday I follow different classes which are focused on the Asian way of doing Business. The classes are divided with Thai and International students, where about 30% is international. The professors teach in a professional way and speak English very well. Furthermore Rangsit University provides a lot of facilities. There are libraries where students are able to study, a food court that serves all kinds of food and there is even a sports field including a swimming pool.

Next to offering classes, the International Office of the University offers a lot of activities for international students. Activities could be such things as trips to Bangkok or the Northern part of Thailand or workshops where you will be able to learn more about the Thai culture.

Besides of studying here, it is a great experience to live in Thailand, especially around a big international city like Bangkok. Next to this, Thailand offers a great amount of beautiful places, such as islands that you will be able to visit. I have made a lot International friends while studying here, which I travel with to Thai islands almost every weekend.