Tom in Maleisië bij Asia Pacific

When I graduated from my university in the Netherlands for my Bachelor’s degree I knew I wanted to get a Master’s degree as well.  My Dutch university gave students a chance to study for 5 months in a foreign country as a part of the minor programme. I always regretted not taking that opportunity. That is the main reason why I definitely wanted to get my Masters degree abroad.

I found out about Asia Pacific University via a Dutch agency – Study-Globe. I had different choices of universities to go to, however APU’s dual Master degree programmes caught my attention right away. The fact that there is a diploma awarded by APU and one by the University of Staffordshire was a big factor for me to choose this university.

Currently I started my first semester of the MBA Euro Asia Business programme. So far I have had only good experiences with the university and Malaysia. An important aspect for me is the industry experience of the lecturers. Most of them have contemporary industry experience because they either still work for a company or are entrepreneurs themselves. Moreover, the topics discussed in class are concerning present-day issues and trends which require the students to be aware and well informed on these topics.

The majority of the classes consist of few students, which enables intensive contact between the lecturers and students. The lecturers activate the students to come up with their own ideas on current issues instead of giving a monologue every day. This makes going to classes much more interesting.

Apart from the university, Malaysia is a great place to live. Especially Kuala Lumpur, where people from all over the world live, study and work. This is definitely a big positive aspect for me since I meet people from different cultures every day.  Aside from what I learn in the university, the life experience I gain is even worth as much as the degree to me.  That is why I would definitely recommend students to study for a Master’s degree at Asia Pacific University.